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Apr 01, 2021
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Where open discussion is allowed, censorship is frowned upon, and your freedoms, are well, free! !) Please keep it civil. While we frown upon censorship, there are some limitations. There will be positively NO HATE SPEECH of any kind allowed. Period. There are no warnings. You get disgusting, you gotta go! Be kind and respectful to your other forum members. We realize not everyone here is going to agree about everything, and that's OK, but do it respectfully! Bullying WILL NOT be allowed. We will protect our members and the integrity of our forums, and what we are building here, at all cost. 2) Freedom of Speech is encouraged here! This isn't Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, or any of those other Leftist, or Commie-run sites. This site is about your freedoms. Respect them, embrace them, remember them, and display them, at all times, towards your other forum members... and towards yourself. People fought and died so you could say what you want, but don't be that one jackass. 3) Have Fun! I know this is a short one, but seriously, have fun! Most every and all topics are for discussion, but we Admins tend to stick to Everyday Carry Items, Conservative, and Constitutional topics, and 2nd amendment news. 4) Tell a friend. The more people here, the better this community will be and grow! Feel free to share our forum link, just make sure if you do, that's it with someone that you would want others to interact with daily. Basically, no Lefties! I kid, I kid... they can come here too. As long as they behave! 😉 5) And the final one is... GET TO POSTING! What good is a forum without content to talk about? Now, go on, get out there amongst yourselves and discuss away! We think you'll be glad you found us! Exceptionalism, Guaranteed! - LJ


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