Does someone in Office need to be

reminded that they’ve strayed from

The Constitution of The United States?

A Congressman?
A Senator?
The Vice President?
The President?

It doesn’t matter! SEND THEM A REMINDER!

This Pocket Constitution is the perfect way to say, 

“Hey! Do you remember that oath you took? Well, I do!”

For just $2.50 (includes S&H), you can send them a reminder with a note telling them just that!

Professional, but to the point, this small note will address the fact that they have

forgotten their way, and remind them to again seek the truth.

But, it will most importantly remind them


As a bonus, the Pocket Constitution ALSO includes the Bill of Rights and other
amendments, PLUS the Declaration of Independence!

Send one or more to your "FAVORITE" Politicians today!

Looking for your own copy or a gift for a future patriot? We can do that too.