No endeavor worth the time can be accomplished alone. We have a few people who have helped us along the way. Without them, would not be here.

ConservativeLJ is the founder and co-owner of Affirmed 1776 LLC, the parent company of LJ is a goofy owner of a rabbit named S'morez and he has a serious Mt. Dew Slurpee addiction. He loves tattoos and wants so many more, but who has got the time or money when you are starting a company, am I right? He is a hunter and fisherman, although he does not get to go as much as he likes anymore, again the time and money for this site thing. But he did pass some of those sick skills onto his 2 boys. Now his oldest is a Sniper in the US Marines and his youngest would fish in a mud puddle if it were the only water around. He also passed on his Conservative & Constitutional values and has raised two fine young men. He resides in Central Florida as a single dad, continuing to raise his youngest son all-the-while taking applications for a sugar momma to pay for this damn endeavor. He kids, he kids. No, but seriously... Email him @ LJ (at) EDC76 (dot) Com OR BUY SOMETHING, will ya?!

ZeroSkillArt, a.k.a. Boyd, is co-founder and COO of Affirmed 1776, the parent company of This tiny, but growing, endeavor could not be possible without him. No seriously, he reminds people of it every day. We are joking... Not EVERY day. Boyd was a 20-year truck driver with an eye for photography and a passion for digital arts. After meeting LJ online, they struck up a friendship and one night LJ showed Boyd a logo he was working on. Boyd called him and said, "Dude, it sucks.", and a partnership was born. Boyd brings years of graphic design experience to the table, honed during his time off the road from driving where he knew it was what he wanted to do instead of anything else. Boyd's a fun guy, with a quick wit. Do not drop your guard or try and stump him, he has got a comeback for everything. And it will usually leave you doubled over laughing. Boyd is married and has 3 children and currently resides outside of Rochester, NY. He hates it there along with the piece of crap Governor Cuomo and the liberals that control the state. His Conservative & Constitutional values are like no other, and he and his wife are invaluable to this little rag-tag team we have.

Hupiju was founded in 2013 by Ella Bash in Paris, Texas as a foundation for a community garden project. It has since grown beyond its meager beginnings and began expanding to other ventures such as partnering with to create a website to combat the tides of misinformation.

Iconixx Digital is the in-house digital design division of Affirmed 1776 LLC & It was started in 2021 by LJ and Boyd to lessen the outsourcing of the design projects. Iconixx, still being in its fledgling stage, hopes to not only attract like-minded individuals as clients but to utilize LJ's time as a social media influencer and Boyd's extensive years as a gamer, to continue to branch off and obtain more projects from the social media, gaming and streaming world.

R3dneck_Wheelz is one of our first affiliated and highly regarded Social Media personalities. He has Spina Bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. Wheelz loves the outdoors and does not let his disability stop him from whatever he wants to achieve. He is the founder of Wheel Chair Outdoors on Facebook and is a successful outdoorsmen himself. Wheelz is also a volunteer firefighter despite being in a Wheelchair. He lives life to the fullest and does not let anyone or anything stop him from accomplishing his goals. He loves God, his county, and his freedoms - which is why we're glad to have him as a working partner of